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Job position – customers support. A usual job that can be done by anyone? Not a bit of it! This kind of job requires self-control,  peace both  in your soul and on your tongue and a great dose of patience.

Success presumptions, in other words it is not for everyone

Let’s imagine Frank Lil’Monkey from the next door. Such a big lad who is on the phone to give you some advice on buying a course and talks like a prisoner when requiring the settlement of  your order. Or the choleric Jay who – when it’s not his way – has a tendency to snap  in five seconds and tells the customer off for calling, disturbing and proposes  hanging up. The touchy Betty could also suffer from psychological damage and in the worst case she could end up in the psychiatrist’s hands. Well, to be a successful customers support requires self-confidence, great amount of empathy and last but not least patience.

Patience to the nth

When I say a great amount of patience, I mean patience to the nth. Well nobody is perfect and especially the elder generation have been getting used to the modern devices more slowly. As an e-learning support I am going to share some of the quaint anecdotes with you. Keep calm and tell the customer step by step that he really won’t find the letter “CH” on his keyboard and that it is necessary to press both “C” and “H” button. Or just vouchsafe the customer that there is no fault when black points appear instead of letters when entering his password. Don’t laugh at them! There are more of you like this!

Help detector

Altruism, or a real, selfless and unselfish interest to help the customer, is a very important attribute for the customers support position. The willingness must come out from your heart because the customer can recognize when you are dishonest. The willingness to help him must be real pure. By the way, did you know that many call centres use an LVA device (Layered Voice Analysis)? This machine supervises the customer call (usually accompanied by this well-known phrase: “Your call may be recorded for training or monitoring purposes.”) and records not what you say but the way you say that. The device can recognize shame, thrill, concentration and next more than 100 voice attributes are analysed by a program. Thanks to this gadget  employers can find out whether the call centre employer (or customers support) has burned out, whether he makes the clients annoyed and whether he is really willing to help the customer solve his problem out or whether he wants the customer to hang up as soon as possible.

Be aware of laugh attacks

To make the complete point of view of customers support, I will tell you something about pitfalls and snares waiting for you and sooner or later they will verify your professional level and resistance. The customers support employee can be more than the best but when he is attacked by an uncontrolled burst of laughter it is over. It is over and there is nothing you can do about it. Imagine the burst of laughter with all his symptoms like tummy spasm, facial spasm, tears scrambling from your eyes; simply, you are not able to produce a word. It is a really tough situation. The best way is to anticipate these situations. A certain elimination of the threat like “Non-controlled burst of laughter during the call with a customer” is possible. Separated office is a solution. In case of having such amazing colleagues and working in a great team of people the detachment is precluded and so you have to simply face the risk of the non-controlled burst of laughter.

5 hints how to be the best support

Finally let us revise five rules that make you the best customers support in the world or at least at ONLINEjazyky (let stretch it a bit):

Rule n°1: Friendly voice – mezzo-soprano up to alto or tenor

Rule n°2: Empathy – Be aware of overdose

Rule n°3: Patience to the nth

Rule n°4: Elimination of aspects causing non-controlled bursts of laughter

Rule n°5: It has to be your passion.


The mystery of the successful customers support employee is discovered.

I am looking forward to you. Just click here if you are interested which courses I can advise you on.

Good bye!


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